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Golden Girls

On Friday, December 13, I went to see the “Golden Girls Christmas” show in San Francisco with my daughter, son, the “Flock of Sea Girls” band and friends.  We go every year and it is hilarious.  This year we all wore ugly Christmas Sweaters.  Here are my photos:


My son Brian and my daughter Jennifer.  Brian decorated his sweater.

This guy made his own dress.  He was sitting in front of me.

Jennifer’s friends.

Brian’s friends.

Me with my ugly Christmas sweater that I bought in Santa Cruz.

Brian next to the Golden Girls sign at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco.

The Golden Girls.


DSC06403After the show we got a photo taken with the Golden Girls.  They are big guys.

Julie, Brian and Mark.  Brian is trying out his I’m cool look.

Me a Jennifer with the Golden Girls.  They make me look small.


Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving at Jennifer and Mark’s house.   Here are Jennifer’s photos:

Brian-GloriaMy son Brian and my 86 year old mother Gloria.

Brian-MiloBrian and my grandson Milo.

Gloria-KumaMy mom Gloria and Brian’s dog Kuma.

Gloria-MiloGloria and Milo

JakeJanet’s dog Jake

Jen-Milo-Liam1My daughter Jennifer and her son’s Milo and Liam.

Liam-BrianLiam and Brian

Liam-Jen-MiloJennifer, Milo and Liam

Liam1Liam with his favorite monkey.

Marcy-Brian-Liam-GloriaMarcy, Brian, Liam and Gloria

Marcy-JanetMarcy and Janet.

Marcy-Jen-Brian-Milo-LiamMarcy, Jennifer, Brian, Milo and Liam

MiloMilo loves to eat.

Milo2Milo loves to climb on things.


This year on Halloween I had two costumes, a dead cat and a raver costume.  My grandsons Milo and Liam trick-or-treated at my house.  We had at least 50 kids come to our door.  I took my 86 year old mother to a Halloween party at the senior center.  Here are my photos:
DSC06063 DSC06065 DSC06068 DSC06069 DSC06072 DSC06073 DSC06074 DSC06075 DSC06076 DSC06077 DSC06078 DSC06079 DSC06080 DSC06081 DSC06082 DSC06083 DSC06084 DSC06085 DSC06086 DSC06087 DSC06088

Ten Years with Primo


Me and Primo in Kensington 2004.
Primo and I meet each other 10 years ago today. We meet in front of the stage at the Reggae on the River Festival. We danced together and then he asked me if I wanted to have a massage. I said yes and we went to his tent. After the massage he kissed me. We spent the rest of the weekend together dancing and skinny dipping in the Eel River.

I was in the process of getting divorced from Jeff when we meet. Primo was painting his friends houses in Salmon Creek. When he finished painting he stayed with me in Mill Valley for a couple weeks and then he went back to Mexico for six months.

I visited him in Sayulita Mexico that January. He came to live with me in June 2004 in Kensington. We got married January 1, 2005 and went back to Mexico for our honeymoon in April 2005.

I love Primo with all my heart. He is a kind and loving person. We have similar life styles and interests. We are both vegans, we do not drink alcohol and we love to dance, go to music festivals, hike, and going to the beach. I hope we can spend the rest of our lives together and into eternity.

Primo and I 2004